Product Description

Pass the Pricks
The traditional willie tossing game

Perfect for any get together where you can toss willies, this unique twist on a traditional game is a hilarious addition to any hen do, girls night in, dinner event or party and laughter is guaranteed!

Carton dimensions: 9 x 9 x 9cm
Outer of 6

How to Play: Each player takes it in turn to throw the two “prick” dice. How they land determines the score – the better the prick position the more points you win! Could it be a “Sleeping Beauty”, a “Floppy Phallus” or a “Double Porn Star”? The winner is the first to 100 and crowned Champion Willie Tosser!

Players can also make up their own rules, with each position being a task or dare, or drink so every game can be a new experience!

It’s conveniently sized box and simple instructions allows it to be easily taken out on the town and holds all components for safe storage!