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Product Description

Encourages play: Turn your partner’s body into a canvas on which to write sweet words of love. Erase them with kisses. Taste the passion!

What does love taste like? You choose! Poeme is available in five delicious flavors: chocolate for the most ardent, strawberry for the most romantic, cherry for the boldest, caramel for the sweetest and doughnut for those who love to surprise.

Erotic art: The feather´s silicone tip makes it easy to write on skin. Let your partner be your muse, inspiring words of love. The jar is made of glass and is inspired on antique calligraphy ink bottles. Become a romantic body painting artist!

Quality guarantee: Poeme is not a cosmetic, it’s food and it’s delicious! Its glass container is the best for preserving the product. Poême is made in Barcelona.

Everyone can play! Taste passion without any limitations. Lactose free, gluten free. So nobody has to feel left out and unable to try it, but remember, it does have sugar! REMEMBER: And it is not compatible with intimate feminine areas.

Stimulation for your senses: Combine Poeme with a blindfold, so all the other senses are heightened. Write sweet words of love on your partner’s body, and use the feather for tickling and caressing.

IRRESISTIBLE PACKS: Beautifully presented in lovely packaging. Poeme makes a perfect gift to a friend or for improving togetherness with your partner.